Dungeon Madness

What is Dungeon Madness

Mixer.com hosted a competition with their partners to create a gamemode that focused on the idea of Mixer Integration, using its FTL service, which allows for viewers and streamers to interact on a subsecond basis.

PixelPrincess80 contacted us to help out on building and designing the map, she led the project and worked alongside Astrium members in order to create the minigame in under 1 week.

Dungeon Madness features 5 unique maps and a waiting lobby. Your viewers can vote for which map you play on, aswell as the difficulty of the round.

This is a mob arena type minigame, PvE based. It’s a singleplayer experience, but your Mixer viewers can interact and change the outcome! With plenty of Mixer buttons on the interactive board, your viewers can change the game completely for you, with features like “Confuse!”, which flips your view by 180 degrees to throw you off while fighting. The viewers can also upgrade/downgrade your weapon, give you random potion effects, and even spawn bosses. These buttons cost Sparks though (Mixer currency) which are gained based off of your viewing time. These buttons are accompanied by appropriate cooldowns.



This galleria is based on the look and feel of a Museum, full of long, tight corridors. Plenty of twists and turns come along with this map. The details in this map are very smooth and curvy, and aren’t too distracting from the gameplay aspect of this map.

The Galleria features :

  • Lots of narrow corridors
  • Statues and sculptures
  • Painting arrangement displays

Sewer Maze

The sewer maze is a rather expansive, immersive underground facility. It includes one large main room, connected by a system of tunnels within the sewers. This map has plenty of attention to detail, but don’t get distracted! If you fall into the water, you’ll be teleported right back to where you spawned.
The Sewer Maze features :

  • A system of water transport tunnels
    A scenic, murky main room with a great atmosphere

Pirate Cove

This map is centered within a cave near the ocean. It takes great advantage of the newer, very bright color palettes made possible by “The World of Colour” update. It has multiple different areas for explorability, and plenty of room for fighting mobs. There are plenty of storage crates around the map to add more atmosphere.

This map includes :

  • Multiple platform levels
  • Parkour
  • Explorable interiors

Overgrowth Town

This map is an overgrown, abandoned, ruined cityscape within a colorful valley. Lots of suspended vines, stretching from building to building are scattered around the city. There’s many different paths to choose, and plenty of alleys to explore. Every building is unique, and there are a couple different elevations to venture.

This city features :

  • Alleyways
  • Bridges
  • Custom plant life
The competition results for Mixer.com have not yet been released and therefore we cannot release the gamemode yet! If you would like to check out the VOD of PixelPrincess streaming the gamemode you can do so below!


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