Interactive GAMEMODe

Dungeon Madness

Created as an interactive way to play, using the API to allow players to directly control what happened in-game and challenge the streamer.

Created as part of the Mixer Interactive Partner challenge, Dungeon Madness utilised the API to allow viewers to use their “Sparks” (points acquired for watching streams on to then interact with the game by increasing or decreasing the difficulty mobs, spinning round the players or generally aiding or hindering the streamer.

The Idea

We were contacted by Mixer Partner PixelPrincess80 to come up with and develop an idea for a game, we created 5 unique maps and developed the functionality in under 2 weeks for the upcoming deadline presented by Mixer.


The map was first showcased on stream by PixelPrincess80 with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the community, through the 30-minute stream there were over 1000 player interactions, including voting on maps and streamer punishments or rewards.

The Podcrash Family

Podcrash is a small team based in London, with members located all around the world. We are official Marketplace Partners, Realms Partners and Minecraft China Partners.

Podcrash™ is a registered trademark of Podcrash Ltd, a registerd company in England and Wales.