Explore the vibrant Christmas market, held every year in the beautiful city of Strasbourg.

Located in the Grand Est region of France, the beautiful Christkindelsmärik welcomes over 2 million people each year

We wanted to recreate the stunning variety of German and French architecture that defines Strasbourg in one build.


The Idea

We wanted to take a simple idea, a Christmas market, and turn it into a quick and fun adventure for players from all over the world to experience a culture that might not be similar to their own. Strasbourg is where two diverse cultures (Germanic and French) clash and it created the perfect backdrop to our idea.



Christmas is about coming together, so a singleplayer map just didn’t feel right, so for the Christmas holidays, we opened a public server for players from all around the world to connect, chat and explore the market together, because of this the market truly came alive!


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