Minecraft Biome Vote: Mountains

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Minecraft News | 0 comments

Mojang has released the third and final video showing forthcoming changes to Minecraft’s biomes. The question of that of those updates can roll out initial, are subject to a vote to require place on September 28th throughout MineCon Live. we have seen Swamp and Badlands, currently, it is time to take a look at Mountains.

Here’s the video:

The video is somewhat vaguer than the previous ones, although we’re told that snow is going to be “snowier”, that I am taking to mean slipperier. The voiceover describes “jagged cliffs, natural covering peaks and dramatic views”, which are not notably uncommon in Minecraft, although it looks they’re going to become even more commonplace (and much more spectacular) in this biome.

Oh, and there’ll be goats. It’s honestly about time that Minecraft got goats. The vote will be held throughout MineCon Live throughout a September 28th on their official Livestream.

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