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Can I play Cops and Robbers online?

Yes! Cops and Robbers can be ran on a server!

What version is Cops and Robbers?

Currently Cops and Robbers can be played on 1.15.2 on the latest edition. You can also download older editions that add 1.14.2 support and 1.7.10 support, although we don't recommend this.

What are the different modes in Cops and Robbers?

Cops and Robbers High Security has a custom mode selection:

Classic: This is a standard game of Cops and Robbers without any special changes.

Build Up: With this mode any robber that dies flip flops teams and becomes part of the warden’s brigade.

Topsy Turvy: Instead of a single warden and multiple Robbers you only have one robber and everyone else is a warden.

Klub IcE (Exclusive to High Security): Normal game except everyone spawns in the Klub IcE room.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

What can we help you with?

Can I have one of the skin files so I can render it?

Unfortunately we cannot provide the direct skin file for you to download. Sorry about that!

How to give myself creative mode

In all Cops and Robbers maps, even if you are opped on a server, you won't be able to give yourself creative mode unless you first run the command

/tag @s add admin

this will give you admin permissions on our map and allow you to go into creative. This does not give you permission to modify and then redistribute the map.



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