Cops and Robbers

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How do I restart a game of Cops and Robbers?

Imagine this, you are right in the middle of a game of Cops and Robbers and all of a sudden your cop just leaves the game and you are now only a prison of robbers! Boring right? To restart a game of cops and robbers anyone with OP on the server, or admin permissions,...

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What version is Cops and Robbers?

Currently, Cops and Robbers can be played on 1.15.2 on the latest version. You can also download older editions that add 1.14.2 support and 1.7.10 support, although we don't recommend or actively support these. You can download the latest version and all past builds...

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Can I play Cops and Robbers online?

Does it work? Yes! Cops and Robbers can be run on a server, however, all Cops and Robbers maps for 1.14+ use Data packs to function and certain plugins do have a negative effect on Data packs. If you want to run it on a server, we recommend a vanilla server or a...

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