Free Map Terms of Use

by | May 8, 2019

If you are using a Podcrash map, or one of our other brands, that is available for free download online, then we require you to follow the Terms of Use below, if you do not then the license we grant to freely use our maps is withdrawn and we will ask for the map to be removed from your server or project.


  1. The map must be credited to Podcrash with a link to somewhere in the description or in the map if it is on a server, it must be placed in a point where players will easily see it and be able to read and understand.
  2. You may not claim our maps as your own, we spend hours, days and sometimes even weeks creating them for free, for you to use. So please give us the credit we deserve.
  3. You cannot re-upload or redistribute our maps online, we provide a free download link to all the projects, and you can post that link on any website or portal you like.
  4. You can play our maps, upload video and stream with them, that’s what we make them for, so enjoy!
  5. You can use our map on your server
  6. No extremism or hatred, we retain the right to revoke the right to use our maps if you or your brand make extreme or threatening actions or threats that we (Podcrash) do not wish to associate with. We built our maps for everyone.

Note: If you edit a build or game-mode then the map or game is still made by Podcrash, and the above terms of Use remain the same. We still built the map, and designed the concept, editing a few blocks doesn’t change that.


Podcrash is a small team based in London but with members located all around the world, we are official Marketplace partners, Realms partners and MC China partners. We also run a fully operational commission team!

Podcrash™ is a registered trademark of Podcrash Ltd in England and Wales

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