About Cops and Robbers

Welcome to Cops and Robbers by Podcrash. Cops and Robbers is the most downloaded Minecraft map series in the history of Minecraft. First released in 2013 as a collaboration between Podcrash and Gizzy Gazza. Since then Cops and Robbers has become a fan favourite with over 5 million downloads and 750 million watch hours of Youtube content produced in our maps.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the maps?

For Java:

You can install the map as you normally would, by unzipping the downloaded folder and putting it into your .Minecraft saves folder. If you aren’t sure how to do that, or if you want more information, like how to install a map onto a server! Then you can view our helpful guide to installing a map on our blog.

Can I play this on multiplayer?


Cops and Robbers is a 2+ player game. You can’t actually start the game unless there are two players in your world. You can do this on LAN, on your own server, or by playing on a free host like StickyPiston Trials

Can I look at, and learn from the datapacks that power Cops and Robbers

Of course! Cops and Robbers uses datapacks to function, there are no command blocks involved in our maps! All of our maps run from a datapack we call “Crime Core” which you can view on GitHub, and you can also fork to learn and play with.

Please be aware that Crime Core is made for Cops and Robbers. Please do not use it to make your own map. Use it as a learning resource and to help make your own datapack. Learning is great, stealing isn’t. 

You can view Crime Core by either downloading the maps and looking in the world file, or by going to our GitHub

I found a bug!

Okay! We try to test our maps as much as possible. If you find a bug, please join our discord and let us know, you can also check out our Github for any open known issues.

Bedrock: Why can't I download it for free?

All our maps on bedrock are sold through the Minecraft Marketplace. We partnered with Mojang to allow us to create maps and skins for Cops and Robbers. Only by selling them on Bedrock can we afford to keep making maps like these. All Bedrock maps have exclusive features and changes that are not available in the free Java releases.

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