Commission Terms of Service

Jun 13, 2019

1. As the client, you understand that you are hiring Podcrash to perform a product development service. In this respect, you are not purchasing the build in itself, but rather you are paying for the work of the production. As a result of this service, you will be delivered the end product in accordance to the commission.

2. You understand that you will be required to pay a 50% upfront down payment of the price statement if specifically requested by your contractor.

3. You understand that if you, as the client, have chosen to terminate the project during the middle of development, you will not be refunded your deposits. Refunds of the down payment are only issued when the contractor has chosen to terminate the project.

4. You understand that you do not own creative rights to this build and cannot claim this build as your own intellectual property. Proper credits must be honoured to Podcrash and its respective members.

5. You understand that you and you alone own the sole rights to the usage of this build in any fashion or form that you so choose. If you are to resell the build to second ownership, you are to inform the owner of the proper creative credits to this build.

6. You understand that during the development of this project, you will be updated solely through the descriptions and screenshots provided by your respective project manager(s). Due to the possibility of 3rd party downloading programs, you will not be given in-game access to view this product unless given explicit approval by the project manager. This procedure is enforced as a security measure.

7. You understand that payment for this project will be conducted solely through invoices generated on the Podcrash Client Panel. Other forms of compensation are not accepted unless agreed to by both parties prior to the initiation of this project.

8. You understand that any billing dispute or chargeback via credit card or PayPal will result in the termination of all services and usage rights. The product will be subject to public access or resale. You will also be subject to enlistment upon our public Contractor and Client Blacklist.

9. The information that I have provided is truthful and accurate. If the information is to be found otherwise, I shall forfeit all rights to the usage of this custom product.

10. I have read and understood the terms listed above. Furthermore, I agree with those respective conditions set by Podcrash.

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