As you’ll have caught wind of by now, Mojang is taking a vote to decide on which of Minecraft’s biomes ought to be updated next. The vote is taking place at MineCon which is taking place on September 28th, and also the biomes in question are Badlands, Mountain and Swamp. We’ve already seen what the Badlands update is planned to bring. Now, here’s a brief video on what could be brought to the Swamp:

Should it win the vote, the Swamp can get boats with inbuilt chests, frogs, and a brand new Rhizophora mangle tree. For reference, here’s what the Badlands update seems like, and here’s Mountains.

Of course, it’s possible that every one of those biomes can get updates in due time: this vote is simply to decide which is able to come back 1st. therefore if you are notably enthusiastic about any of those 3 biomes, despite none of them being Caves, ensure you vote on September 28th.

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