Podcrash is a UK based design studio and consultancy using Minecraft to help to maximise the potential for marketing, education and media.

We Make Dreams
Come to Life

At Podcrash we believe in turning the smallest of ideas into the greatest products, if you have an idea for your server, for your next video, whatever it may be, get in contact with our team and see how we can help!

Client Reviews

This a truely beautiful and stunning build, this all took less than three weeks to build, and these guys really pulled it out of the bag and did something amazing, so a huge thank you, because this is stunning

Yogscast Sjin
Skybounds Youtube Series

Client Reviews

This is one of the coolest Warzones in a while.


Winter Wonderland!

It may be buried in snow, but this warm and cosy village has prepared well for the winter months. Fully stocked with a warm bed, it's a perfect base to begin your festive adventure!.