We use Minecraft to create memorable stories, inside breath-taking universes, first founded in 2010, Podcrash has became one of the most well known teams for the creation of Cops and Robbers in Minecraft.


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Lucky Blocks Supercharged

The infamous question mark blocks are back! Obtain 3 new tiers of lucky blocks by killing mobs, trading with scientists or find the legendary lucky block spawning in the world. Each block has lucky, or unlucky events!

Podcrash is a proud Minecraft Marketplace Partner. We joined the partner program in 2018 and since then have continued creating content for Minecraft Bedrock players on the Xbox, PS4, Switch and more!

Podcrash For Java Edition

Minecraft Java edition first released in 2009, since then Podcrash has made some of the most downloaded maps on Minecraft, most notably Cops and Robbers which has achieved over 5 million downloads and over 750 million watch hours worth of content produced on Youtube

Podcrash Blog

Minecraft is constantly changing and growing, with new stuff getting added every week! There is always news for you. If you want to know about the latest Minecraft news on Java or Bedrock Edition then read the Podcrash Blog to get all the latest information! 

The Podcrash Blog also features articles from some of the most experienced creators in the Minecraft community, guest writing on their specialities and showing you how to become better at building, rendering, video editing and level designing. If you are looking for a place to get more tips, tricks and helpful hints then this is the place to be!

COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Hey! This is a rather different post than the sorts of things we do on this blog. A lot of times we talk about new games, new things coming to Minecraft. We never thought we would actually do a...

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